Denny's Corporation - Analysis on 2011 Annual Report

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Denny’s Corporation ‘is one of the leading full-service, family-style restaurant chains in the United States.’ (N.A., 2012) The company has more than 1,650 outlets that are located all over the country. The restaurants are open for 24 hours a day, but it is most famous for its breakfast items such as eggs, pancakes and so on.


These executives are mainly involved in the decision making process in the company and decide about the expansion or franchising projects that the company undertakes. (Denny's, 2012) The company also has a very catching title that says, ‘America’s diner is always open’, showing their great commitment towards serving their customers. (Denny's, 2012) The company’s profitability ratios indicate that the return on assets is substantially positive, 33.93%, giving a good indication that the company is making money out of its current assets very effectively. Nevertheless, the ROE gives a very bleak picture for its investors with a negative value of 198%. This is not a good sign for its equity holders who are not being repaid for their capital that they have invested in the company and are probably suffering in the form of stuck capital. It can also be said that the company is finding it hard to attract new investors as its image as a profitable investment has been badly tarnished. The company’s current ratio is very high compared to industry standards, 70.2, indicating a strong control over the short term assets with which it can finance its day to day operations or pay off its debts. ...
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