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Dissertation example - Comparison of creation of wealth across different asset classes with pakistan stock market kse-100

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Finance & Accounting
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Introduction This paper gives an illustration of wealth creation in Pakistan through Karachi Stock Exchange 100 index (KSE 100) nominal and real returns in comparison to S&P 500 returns, gold and real estate over 20 years stock index and 10 years of holding premium rate (HPR)…

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The securities that are traded at stock exchange market are shares, unit trusts, derivatives and bonds. Stock market index on the other hand means the statistical gauge that is used to measure and report changes around the stocks or shares market value. Stock market index track the movement of market differently depending on the averaging method used to come with the index, coverage of index whether broad or narrow and the weight applied which depends on whether it is based on market capitalization or market prices (Puntaier 2010). A nominal rate of return in the stock exchange market represents the investment returns before adjusting for inflation rate during that period. A real rate of return on the hand is the rate of return on the investment after taking into consideration the inflation rate factor during that period. Literature review Pakistan stock exchange market (KSE 100) is the stock market index that tracks the share prices of 100 top listed companies on the Karachi Stock Exchange. The index was first launched in November 1991 with a stand of 1000 points which has generally grown to new heights in the past. The companies with the highest market capitalization are selected in determining the companies that are to be made use of in working out of the index. ...
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