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Accident and Emergency departments or A&Es are very important units within any clinical setting but Chow (1999), mentions that these units are also becoming popular in primary care which should mainly be used for GP referred cases. A&E cases in primary care tend to show a lack of coordinated development of primary care services and inappropriate utilization of A&E services.


A&E departments are in considerable demand and proper utilization of these services can lead to improvement in the quality and promptness of clinical services offered.
However contrary to Chow's arguments, several hospital emergency departments may be directly related to primary care in providing rapid access and an emergency care network could be established in primary care as well. Integrating the strengths and weaknesses of emergency care with objective data model could help in describing multiple levels of operation and in highlighting process efficiency and clinical effectiveness. The support systems within NHS Direct have shown how people do things within A&E departments especially and how deliberate and thoughtful care could be provided by improving network operations. Accident and emergency departments and networking can help measure and control effective networking and promote interactions.
The recent strategic policy shift towards a primary care-led National Health Service in the UK (Department of Health, 1994) has led to renewed interest in redefining the boundaries between primary and secondary care with the aim of ...
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