Sister Callista Roy's 'Adaptation Theory'

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Sister Callista Roy is a highly respected nurse theorist, writer, lecturer, researcher, and teacher. She defined nursing knowledge through her theory "Roy Adaptation Model" which is regarded as rich source of knowledge for clinical nursing. In this assignment, this theory will be critically analyzed to examine whether this theory has provided an expanded, value-based concept of adaptation.


The coping processes are broadly described within the regulator and cognitive subsystems for the individual, and the stabilizer and innovator subsystems for groups. Through these coping processes, persons considered as holistic adaptive systems interact with the internal and external environment, transform the environment, and are transformed by it (Johnson & Webber, 2005, 207-233).
As evident from this theory, this model has been proposed in a simple manner that is easily comprehensible by any reader interested in nursing theories. The concepts are clear that flow through a process of reasoning. The components have been derived from both literature and clinical practice, and any practitioner identifies herself and her practice with the theory in no time. The modes and outcomes of adaptations were named by the classification of the incidents of behaviors of the patients as encountered in clinical practice.
It seems that this adaptation theory provides a possible structural and conceptual framework for nursing that could possibly be used to develop more integrated curriculum, to serve as a theoretical basis for nursing practice, and to provide cl ...
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