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Dieticians in the National Health Services

As the report declares World Health Organisation provided a recognised definition of health care in its Alma Ata Declaration. Primary health care is essential health care made universally accessible to individuals and families in the community by means acceptable to them, through their full participation and at a cost that the community and country can afford. It forms an integral part, both of the country’s health care system, of which it is the nucleus, and of the overall social and economic development of the community. It is the first level of contact of individuals, the family and community with the national health care system, bringing health care as close as possible to where people live and work and constitutes the first element of a continuing health care process. Primary health care addresses the main health problems in the community, providing promotive, preventive, curative, supportive and rehabilitative services accordingly
This essay stresses that dieticians are health care professional, who apply their unique body of knowledge and expertise to support people in understanding and applying the principles of healthy eating throughout the entire lifecycle. They are educated in the science and management of nutrition and dietetics. They also bring evidence-based decision-making to their practice and adhere to nationally established standards of practice, monitored by provincial regulatory bodies. ...
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This article focuses on the important leadership role played by dieticians in health care services through health promotion, disease prevention, treatment, support and rehabilitation. Nutrition is an acknowledged factor in promoting and maintaining health…
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