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However, the pancreas of the people suffering from diabetes does not function properly. It either produces very little insulin or no insulin at all. In some cases the pancreas is in their normal condition but the cells refuse to respond to the insulin produced by it. Hence we can define Diabetes as an infirmity of metabolism of a human body.
Diabetes has been classified into the following three categories: 1. Type I Diabetes 2. Type II Diabetes 3. Gestational Diabetes
Type I Diabetes usually develops due to malfunction of the immune system of a person. When the immune system fails to function properly it often strikes a part of the body. In this case the immune system terminates the insulin-producing beta cells of pancreas ensuing in Type I Diabetes.
Gestational Diabetes arises in some women late in pregnancy. This form of Diabetes usually perishes after the birth of a baby but such women are prone to develop Type II Diabetes within 5- 10 years. Sustaining a rational body heaviness and being physically active may help preclude the development of type 2 diabetes.
Type II Diabetes is most commonly found in many people from children to adolescents and in old people as well. According to a research about 90-95 percent of people suffering from Diabetes have a type II form of diabetes.
In many people it is found that the pancreas are producing appropriate amounts of insulin but for some mysterious reasons the body refutes to accept it and utilize it proficiently hence resulting in type II Diabetes. This condition is known as insulin ...
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A normal human digestive system breaks down the food into glucose, a form of sugar found in the blood. It is the main supplier of energy for a human body to function properly. This glucose is passed on to the blood where the…
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