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After calling the pharmacy to consult on the use of aspirin during pregnancy, the following observations were made; the phone was answered after 3 minutes. First the phone was answered by machine, but after following the instructions, it was immediately re-directed to a real person who was fluent in English. The person who answered was very respectful and asked how they could help. After sharing the question, they requested to get some more background information first before proceeding to answer the question. The person was knowledgeable and helpful but seemed to follow a set of questions or a certain protocol while interacting. Out of five, Walgreen deserves to be ranked number three because of its proper services and adherence to protocol. The following recommendations would assist in fixing customer service deficiency;
Walgreens contact centre provides its clients with access to a comprehensive array of medical services, all of which are offered through one phone call. In conventional consultation, one doctor is only able to cater for one specialty area, while the contact centre provides access to all the services available in the facility. This benefits the customer and improves their experience in using the services of Walgreens.
Similar to the need of having well informed agents at the introductory point of contact in the hospital, the customer care agents have sufficient information on the operations of the hospital (Calvert, 2004). Walgreens customer care agents handle a wide range of cases and are able to perform different tasks over the phone while still communicating with the client. They can trace a client in the facility, schedule appointments with the doctor for the caller, among other crucial tasks.
Contact centre staffs are regularly the first face of the medical facility. Walgreens customer care agents are well ...
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All sectors of the economy have adapted technology in their operations, reducing the time needed to carry out various practices. The medical sector has not been left out. Introduction of online consulting…
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