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The industrial revolution which started in Europe was a major trigger for over expansion of economies as several pieces of engineering were developed which are main propellers for the industrial revolution and booming economies. England was the source of industrial revolution which was started in 1760 and later gained strength till late 19th century where the effects of the industrial revolution can be measured. Savery Engine Steam engine looms and furnaces were the developments which occurred during the industrial revolution. James Watt and Sir Joseph Whitworth were the inventors whose inventions propelled the growth (Crafts, 1985). The industrial revolution further gained strength and momentum with the development of industries and technological innovations which acted as a fuel for growth. The increase in American corporation was witnessed which resulted in the concentration of wealth of the nation into fewer hands leading to disparity among the people. Mechanization was also introduced in the farming process as well, which lead to production of quality agricultural products, making United States a pioneer in food production and export. Due to this growth, migration to United States picked up momentum. ...
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History and Political Science [Name of Writer] [Name of Institution] History and Political Science Political Economy and Industrialization in the 19th Century The era of reconstruction started in 19th Century when United States went under major industrial transformation, which was mainly due to the maturity of the industrial economy and the Industrial revolution in Europe…
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