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The American Government is also held responsible for the pathetic condition of the people of Iraq enabling worldwide sanctions against Iraq. Since the American people elected their leaders and supported their policies, they too were held responsible for the atrocities against the Islam world. The strong military presence of the United States in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is the holiest Islamic centre was considered a provocation to the entire Islamic brethren. The American military comprised of American men and women and the leaders and their policies were endorsed by the American people so they too were considered offenders of Islam who were to be attacked and subdued.
One of the key features of the anti- American sentiments prevalent in the Middle East is the American policies which have played a decisive role in the local politics of the region. The disintegration of the Ottoman Empire caused by the Europeans resulted in the loss of the only unifying force in the Middle East. The western powers began to exploit the countries of this region for their own benefit. An atmosphere of distrust was created when the contents of the Sykes- Picot Agreement was made public by the Russians. This agreement divided the Ottoman Empire between the two European nations and limited the scope for absolute Arab sovereignty to the Arabian Peninsula. The Balfour Declaration supporting the Zionist movement caused ill will. Along with these the League of Nations mandate virtually gave control of the Middle East to Britain and France. The western policies were unacceptable to the people of the region and fostered anti- Western sentiments.
Andrew Bacevich is of the view that the American Ideology of National Security is flawed in the sense that they are delusional. Successive governments have undermined the limitations of power and have believed in the efficacy of military solutions for all problems. He defines the Ideology of National Security within the four ...
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In the “Letter to America” Osama bin Laden elaborately expounded on the reasons which justified the terror attacks in the United States and also on the belief that all Americans were legitimate targets of these attacks. The primary reason that the Americans were being…
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