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Voting in the United States

Originally, the Constitution of the United States did not have specific definitions for the people that were eligible to participate in the voting process. It is believed that in most of the states, Caucasian males were given the right to vote; these people had to be owners of property and had considerable amounts of taxable income. For women, they were only allowed to take part in the voting process in New Jersey, provided they met the set requirements effectively. Currently, democracy in the United States has grown and developed significantly, with many people getting eligibility to participate in the voting exercise, which is meant to give the country new leaders to steer its economic growth and development. However, despite these constitutional provisions, sections of people have not been participating in the voting process in many of the years when elections have been held. This trend has been growing, which is something that has prompted research into some of the possible causes in the developing trend in some of the Americans. ...
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In the US, the concept of voting has remained to be a very contentious issue in the country’s history. The eligibility to take part in the voting process is a relevant concept at both the state and federal levels. …
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