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Investigative report Assignment

There are a large number of details which are pouring in to certify that there has been attack on the protestors of Qhadafi and the fact that he has done intense murders to signify his position as the strong man in the State of Libya. “A three-member international panel arrived in Libya today to begin a United Nations-ordered inquiry into the violence and human rights abuses in the North African country since forces supporting Muammar al-Qadhafi began a crackdown against protesters earlier this year.” The team which belongs to the United Nations said that there are not enough numbers on the deaths of the people but it looks like that more than a hundred thousand have lost their lives and approximately seven hundred thousands fled Libya. It all began as a peaceful protest against the camp of Qhadafi turned into a violent armed conflict between the protestors and his people. There were a large number of people who were involved in the protest and it has come to the surprise of many Libyans that why the protest which started off so peacefully did has turned out to be violent in nature. One of the answers to this could be the fact that the Qhadafi camp was not willing to allow any kind of mass movements against its camp. ...
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Investigative Report Abstract: This paper shall be analysing the human rights violation in the recent past as well as going on the route of investigation the reasons behind such heinous crimes committed in the recent past. Introduction: Human rights violation have rocketed the world throughout the course of time…
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