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Media Audience

Earlier political economists - neoclassic, Keynesian and Galbraith - mainly disregard the audience market. Even Marx was unable to deal with it although is accepted for significant explanations. He says marketing was not essential to mass communication before the end of World War 1. Nonetheless, the inclination started during the last part of 19th century within main metropolitan areas in North America. This issue is a ‘blind spot’ for prominent educationalists as well as philosophers, for instance, Gramsci, the Frankfurt School and some others. In view of the fact that audience control is created, traded, bought and used, it has a cost and it can be taken as a commodity. This is where the argument turns motivating as he states it entails effort “on the part of the audience” (Ang, 1991, p. 83). Effort is classified, not merely as some activity for which a particular salary is given, but it is an innovative, humanly unique act, where creating something implies some practical purpose is provided and the person’s nature are changed. The paper reveals how advertisers purchase the audience; whether the audience is a “homogenous mass” (Abelman and Atkin, 2011, p. ...
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Running Head: Media Audience Media Audience Media Audience One can consider the audience as a commodity, similar to a ‘widget’, which is manufactured, traded, circulated and used. The perception of trading ‘eyeballs’ to promotional team is not a new idea for any person within the business; even though, in its historic perspective, it is remarkable to notice how this case is prepared…
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