The impact of advertisement on female customers in Doha

The impact of advertisement on female customers in Doha Research Paper example
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Running Head: RESEARCH PAPER ON CONSUMER BEHAVIOR Name: Tutor: Course: Date: From a theoretical perspective, research exercise involves objective investigation aimed at acquiring information on a subject under consideration. Research finds intensive application both in natural and social sciences.


According to Kumar (2010), one aspect given importance on research involves the issue of validity and reliability of final research findings. In order to ensure acquisition of reliable results, a researcher needs to conduct the exercise in close inclination with scientific research procedures. Typical procedures contained within the scientific framework include methodology, hypothesis and data analysis sections. In this case, the essay seeks to develop an illustrative application of scientific research procedures in acquiring knowledge on any subject of interest. In the recent past, there is an increasing intensity of the number of advertisement used by business organizations in commercial undertakings across Qatar. Hansen and Sverre (2007) say that these commercials include clothing adverts, food adverts and lifestyle oriented marketing strategies integrated into media advertisements. In this regard, the essay focus on a research exercise conducted on the impact of advertisement around the city of Doha. The research narrows down to the market segment comprising of female consumers across the city. In 2012, a substantial number of social and health agencies expressed their concerns on the messages contained in media adverts. ...
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