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Law of Contract

It may be noted that a contract essentially contains two elements: Agreement and enforceability by law. An agreement is defined as 'every promise and every set of promises forming consideration for other.' This essentially means that there should be an offer and acceptance to form an agreement. It is important that before an agreement is finalized there should be a Consensus ad idem (Consensus to the matter) between the two parties. Both the contracting parties should 'say and mean the same' without which there cannot be a contract.
The other element of contract, enforceability by law, emphasizes the importance of intention to create a legal obligation or duty to perform or abstain from performing certain act(s). These acts could relate to social or legal matters.
A standard form contract is a pre-established record of legal terms regularly used by a business entity or firm in transactions with customers. The record specifies the legal terms governing the relationship between the firm and another party. The firm requires the other party to accept the record without amendment, and without expecting the other party to know or understand its terms.
A Standard Form of Contract is used because the contract record specifies the legal terms governing the relationship between the firm and another party. ...
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A contract is an agreement enforceable by law. A contract is made between two or more independent legal entities, by which rights are acquired by one or more, to act on the part of the other. It creates and defines obligations between the parties of the contract.
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