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Prsosecution of a Case

Homicide and terrorism are the two chosen cases for this illustration.
There is voluminous amount of work that requires to be done with the witnesses, evidences, statements and items prior to the case being brought before the jury and the judge subsequent to the information of the original misdeed. A number of ethical considerations should be put into considerations from the establishment of a particular case say homicide. The exploration of particular cases should remain in the hands of law enforcement workers who are directly connected to the information and case concerning the suspect's true identity, the approach and procedure followed to retrieve information from the said suspect and the fact that neither coercion nor excessive force was employed so as to attain a confession etc (Schmalleger, 2006). It is important that the investigation observes legal and professional standards from the commencement till completion of a case so that it can be prosecuted successfully. The requirement that an investigator be of high ethical and moral standards is of great importance to the suspect himself, the whole case, the prosecution, the victim and the department.
All of the parts should become clear rather than be changed or forced to fit a particular crime as it happened. ...
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Homicide is an illegal act which involves the act of killing or taking the life of a different human being. When an individual knowingly, purposely, negligently or recklessly causes the death of a different person, he is said to have committed criminal homicide…
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