A Need for Offender Programs and Treatments Before Release

Research Proposal
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This paper will seek to asses the need for offender programs and treatments before release. The main focus will be on The Alabama Department of Corrections. With information obtained…


The study will utilize questionnaire and interviews in the effort to obtain information from offenders and correctional facility officers.
It is apparent that the issue of offender programs and their effectiveness has been contentious for a long time, especially in relation to their effectiveness. Apparently, this has been a concern because of the effects they have on offenders in terms of their behavior modification. Although offender programs are designed to correct behaviors of offenders, there is a need to have an effort to change their behavious. This can be enhanced during and after they have been released from correction facilities.
The Alabama Department of Corrections operates 29 facilities within the state. Currently, the facility hosts around 13, 200 offenders (The Alabama Department of Corrections, 2012). Pre release and reentry programs are the major programs offered by the Alabama Department of Corrections. Among other things, these programs aim at providing transitional case management services. The main focus on such services includes identifying inmate basic and technical needs, which aims at linking the offender with resources prior to his release (Gaines & Miller, 2011). On the side of reentry programs, the program aims at providing an opportunity for offenders to gain basic living skills in relation to their transition back to the community. As part of correctional measures, these objectives can be termed as appropriate in ensuring that the offenders have a successful reentry process (National Justice of Justice, 2012). However, it is apparent that although these programs facilitate a smooth transition, there is a need to have programs that focus on treatment of the offenders before their release. In light with this, the Alabama Department of Corrections ought to have also prioritized on this objective and incorporate it with other objectives in place.
Studies have documented that there are ...
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