The tragic lives of Dewayne Pomeroy and his incarcerated father - Essay Example

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The tragic lives of Dewayne Pomeroy and his incarcerated father

According to the research findings people always have an interesting story to tell. This applies to the high and mighty as well as the poor and downtrodden. However their story is told and whatever their situations or circumstances, it is always a story worth telling. In other words, one cannot just derisively be dismissive of a person's life story, no matter how insignificant it might seem. This essay is the story of two outstanding characters in a short video documentary (92 minutes) which portrays the darker sides of American urban life. It shows how American youths lead their lives on the underside of America as victims of society. Young people roam the streets of U.S. cities due to their broken families. Homelessness has greatly complicated this problem. It is discomfiting, discomforting and disorienting an experience to be a homeless person. The lives of homeless people exemplify what Emile Durkheim had theorized about a failure to attain aspirations, his theory of anomie, that produces most of the deviant behaviors in desperate people. A streetwise young person learns how to live each day without much resources but in some intelligent ways, manage to get by amid all the surrounding decay, despair and drugs. A documentary like this one follows the lives of several people during the course of their lives as they go about their ways hustling, haggling and struggling. It surprises how they managed to survive with all the negative elements. This documentary is sort of an eye-opener for most people, since the events and people in this short video film are in America. ...
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This essay is a peek into the tragic lives of Dewayne Pomeroy and his incarcerated father. There was no one to guide Dewayne in this crucial and formative years of his very young life, except perhaps for his older friend Jack, upon whom he relied a lot. …
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