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Research Paper example - Competition, Marketing Mix, and Pricing

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Research Paper
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Maryland General Hospital has been serving people for more than a century. The hospital also provides special facilities to the patients. This report will emphasize the key characteristics of the patients, competitive environment of the health care sector and the strategic solutions for the organization…

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Key Characteristics of the Users Maryland General Hospital offers wide range of services to its customers with different characteristics and with different needs and requirements. The hospital is based in Baltimore City, which is the largest city of Maryland. A sharp decline can be found in the Baltimore’s poverty line. Most of the people who find themselves under the federal poverty line are moving to the suburban areas from the urban or metro cities. In the city of Baltimore, there are more than 21,000 people who are below poverty line, but recently a major decline in the rate of the poor population has taken place. Maryland General Hospital targets people from both the metro and suburban area of the Baltimore. They offer specialized premium services for the premium patients with high income level and also offer general service for the mass. They also offer different special services to different demographic strata, such as children care, senior citizen care and women care. For example, Heart catheterization is provided to adult and children separately. The Hospital offers some specialized service within the framework of women care. The Competitive Environment of the Health Care Provider The competition generally arises on one or more elements like quality, price, convenience etc. ...
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