corporate brands building of SMEs in B 2 B environment in UK

corporate brands building of SMEs in B 2 B environment in UK Dissertation example
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Corporate brands buildings of SMEs in B2B environment in UK Contents Chapter 1: Introduction 3 Chapter 2: Outline of the Research Problem 4 2.1. Research Objective 4 Chapter 3: Research Methods 5 Chapter 4: Critical Reflection 6 Chapter 5: Literature review 7 5.1SMEs 7 5.1.1Definition of SMEs 7 5.1.2 Characteristic of SMEs 7 5.2 Corporate brands building 9 5.2.1From product branding to corporate branding 9 5.2.2 Defining corporate brands and their benefits 10 5.2.3 Branding in different environments 12 5.2.4 Corporate brand building 17 Chapter 6: Analysis and Critical Discussion 19 Chapter 7: Conclusion 24 Chapter 8: Learning Statement 25 Reference List 27 Chapter 1: Introduction Branding has


One of the most valuable assets of a company is corporate branding. Consumers need to believe in brand and put their trust in it. Furthermore, the importance of corporate brands increases in corporate marketing and small industries. These industries rely on few investors and customers. Since the revenue is low compared to bigger MNCs (Multinational Corporations) they need to build their corporate brand in order to remain trustworthy and thrive in the market (Inskip, 2004). There are various factors which can be attributed towards the importance of corporate branding. Corporate branding provides an identity to the business; logo and slogans becomes the face of a business and a representation of the business’s image (Bernstein, 2003). Strategic corporate branding also means better customer relationship and increased trustworthiness. Apart from that, strong corporate brands also come across as polished, professional and successful entities. ...
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