An examination of factors affecting Inditex's online sales market in Russia

An examination of factors affecting Inditex
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A Dissertation on An Examination of Factors Affecting Inditex's Online Sales Market in Russia Abstract This study is an investigation of those factors that drive the sale of apparel and textiles in the online Russian retail market, in which environment the Spanish firm Inditex is competing.


Much of the transactions over the Internet are performed without person-to-person interaction between the store representatives and consumers, and without the consumers viewing and inspecting the actual item to be purchased. Online purchase transactions are intrinsically based on intangible promises, which fact explains the natural reluctance of most consumers to immediately transact over websites. The study makes use of both primary and secondary data in the resolution of the research problem. Secondary data is relied upon to assess the direction and prospects of the Russian online apparels market, to determine the opportunities it offers and how Inditex could best position itself given the forecasted indicators. Primary data is gathered through the online dissemination of survey questionnaires that elicited perceptual data from consumers who were stratified according to whether they transacted seldom, moderately or frequently in online retail stores. The hypotheses were tested with the use of Student’s t-test and OLS regression analysis. The study found that trust factors (transaction security, customer data misuse, uncertainty reducing elements, and guarantees/ return policies) are the most significant and positively influential drivers of both decisions to purchase and the amount of purchases made. ...
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