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Competitive Strategy Name: Course: Tutor: College: Date: Competitive Strategy Samsung Company is one of the multinational companies that have successfully managed to push its business operations in the international market. Recently, the company expanded its electronic business operations in Turkey and has since then engaged in an extraneous competition that has threatened to undermine its survival in this new business environment.


On the other hand, Microsoft and Arcelik engage in the sale of similar electronic products and consequently have posed a challenge in the growth and development of Samsung. The essence of this article is to define new investment strategies that Samsung can use to strategize on its way up to business success in Turkey. Arcelik is a company that has dominated the Turkey business industry and has majored on the sale of household products, electronic goods and kitchen accessories, which ultimately have developed a unique customer interest in this organization. In 2008, the company managed to collect revenue of about $43 billion, which was the highest among business organizations that are regarded as members of the Turkey industrial and services group. The success of this company seems to originate from its dominance as one of the pioneer companies in the electronic industry. The company enjoys a good reputation in Turkey as the best household goods supplier that has remained reliable, efficient and productive over the years. As Boneglia and Goldstein (2007) points out, the organization has remained innovative and has won numerous awards for its unique products that have been developed through research and customer value approach. ...
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