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T.G.I. Fridays

The inner decor of the restaurant gives it a feel of a theatrical stage, the ambience, the service, the product along with the package make the visit memorable for the customers. The study deals with evaluating the service technologies used and assessing the image created by it in the minds of the people and the media. Moreover, the success attained by the T.G.I. Friday’s social media campaign will also be evaluated. Discussion The T.G.I Friday’s provides mass customisation service to the customers to maintain the standard and make them feel valued. The service technologies used the restaurant include the Point of Sale (POS) to rationalise its front and back office procedures to make the guests enjoy the service and experience the quality of offerings. T.G.I Friday’s has used the customisation technology to provide personalised menu to the customers satisfying their request through menu permutation. The restaurant uses the computer technology to monitor the timely service delivery of foods by the employees with standardised behaviour. The approach of the management is to provide distinguished and standard quality by implementing hard and soft elements in the service. The hard element is the used is the parking facility which helps in attracting more customers. ...
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T.G.I. Friday’s is a restaurant chain which provides American style food with quality service to the customers. The restaurant started its service in 1965, with the credo to treat the customers in an honoured manner and make them feel gratified. …
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