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Create a Integrated Social Media Plan for Rockport Company - Research Paper Example


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Create a Integrated Social Media Plan for Rockport Company

Correspondingly, it can be observed that the business strategies applied by Rockport centrally focuses on promoting adequate innovation and engineered designing to provide ultimate comfort and style to its customers in accordance with the changing trends observable in the global market (Adidas Group, 2012). 2. Defining Social Media Goals for Rockport Setting of goals associated with marketing any product and/or service can be considered as a primary and most essential step for modern organizations in order to build a strong brand establishment in the respective business market. Therefore, the primary goals of the proposed social media for Rockport would focus on: Enhancing or strengthening its brand value Driving renovation strategy for its continuous brand development and Continuous monitoring of its brand presence in any respective business market 3. Crafting Message to the Target Audience The development of an effective social message will certainly play a major role for Rockport to maintain its brand equity within the market. In order to meet these stipulated social media goals, the following messages would enable Rockport to build its strong brand positioning in the leather footwear business industry. We care about your comfort and style Engineered footwear to deliver ultimate comfort and style Setting trends through delivering innovation and style 4. Selecting Social Channels/Tools for Brand Positioning Following are the few major social media tools that are selected to promote the

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global brand positioning of Rockport. Facebook: In its brand positioning, Rockport uses Facebook to promote its product with the aim to Enhance its one-to-one interaction between the brand marketers and consumers Facilitate better awareness and loyalty among the targeted market segment Emphasize to promote rewarding word of mouth promotional benefits to the brand Twitter: In order to maintain the sustainable position in the shoe designing and manufacturing industry, the promotion of organizational product through Twitter have also enabled Rockport to Communicate brand and its range of innovative leather footwear Generating brand values Demonstrating brand personality Getting adequate feedback and providing customer service LinkedIn: The incorporation of LinkedIn in the promotional activities of Rockport has enabled to build a strong online business network across the world. It thus facilitates the organization in Building network of vital contacts gaining efficiency in managing global value chains Help recruiting appropriate candidates to venture globally Providing and sharing ideas among the people engaged within the network Google Plus+: Apart from the above mentioned social media already used by the brand, The major advantages can be obtained by Rockport through the integration of Google+ in its promotional activities. This can assist the organization in Communicating products/service to a large volume of users Marketing and promoting products/services Sharing of different ideas Providing business solutions Source: (Bonchi, Castillo, Gionis & Jaimes, 2011) Tumblr: As an effective blogging platform, Tumblr can also provide effective support for Rockport to promote its exceptionally designed footwear products. The primary benefits of Tumblr shall thus include Building interactive social communities across the existing and new business markets of Rockport Improving business network through incorporating range of potential users across


Create an Integrated Social Media Plan for Rockport Company 1. Brand Discovery Statement Founded in the year 1971, the Rockport Company (Rockport) is highly valued and a renowned brand operating in the industrial periphery of manufacturing leather footwear for men and women…
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Create a Integrated Social Media Plan for Rockport Company essay example
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