Impact of social media on marketing

Impact of social media on marketing Dissertation example
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The function of marketing has evolved from a one-way functional discipline to an interactive process. The effectiveness of marketing is determined by how marketers are able to reach out to the consumers.


Despite these shifts, it is not known to what extent social media has impacted marketing as a function. There appears to be a gap between marketers’ claim and consumer expectations. Thus, with the aim to evaluate the efficiency of social media on marketing, three objectives were set for the study. After extensive literature review, qualitative primary data was gathered through questionnaire survey administered through the Internet. All three objectives of the study have been achieved. Social media has transformed the marketing process; it has transformed the way people interact and communicate. Social media has been able to leverage relationships, enhance communication and interactions between marketers and consumers. User-generated content has become a powerful source of information and has affected how marketers influence consumers. Customer engagement on the social media has made this function dynamic. This has brought a shift in consumer attitude and behavior as consumers rely on user-generated content to make their purchase decisions. Consumers think positively about companies that have their own web space and blog, and about those companies that are alert and responsive to consumer posts. Based on consumer perceptions, two main attributes that could enhance social media marketing have been identified. ...
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