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‘Better Place’ exam notes Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Better Place ‘Better Place’ was a company that operated in the locomotive industry whose headquarters were based in California while department of research and development was based in Israel.


With the company being driven towards revolutionizing the locomotive industry by 2020, the company made a difference through offering alternative mechanisms of powering locomotives by use of electricity, which is seen to be less hazardous while compared to the fossil fuels commonly used. Despite the fact that the electricity technology for locomotive propulsion existed even prior to the combustion engine technology, the Better Place organization is celebrated for improving on these ideas and designing improved systems for revolutionizing the industry. This therefore imply that the absence of the organization would imply that no solution to the problem of green gas emissions highly contributed by the locomotive industry would have been found and no efforts would be pursued to make the world a better places as the organization envisions. Better Place’s Visions: the organization’s main vision had been to link together the main players within the locomotive industry globally for a more unified system in production and improvement of the locomotives produced. This meant that unification of customers, car companies, utilities as well as battery companies would ensure that the electric vehicles would be widely adopted. ...
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