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Ethics On Pharmaceutical Marketing A Review Of Literature

Pharmaceutical marketing has been defined as any activity in the pharmaceutical industry that includes advertising, detailing, freebies and sponsoring of conferences and symposia by a drug company that is intended to promote the sales of is products. (medical dictionary). Pharmaceutical marketing is governed by ethics code that sets “standard for the ethical marketing and promotion of prescription products directed to the healthcare professions”. (Kintanar and Teehankee) Ethos of pharmaceutical marketing should subscribe to the independence of healthcare professionals that means they should exercise impartiality in medical judgment. This means absence of conflict of interest, whether potential, actual or apparent.
Marketing practices.
Cousin’s study that used interviews highlighted three marketing practices that are influential on the prescribing behavior of physicians. First, physicians were found to be influenced by marketing representatives through their direct marketing and detailing. By example, physicians are influenced by sales representatives who visit them to promote their product. Second, is by the sponsorship or training as a form of continued medical events as earlier discussed. Third, is the effect of the direct-to –customer advertising having on patients. ...
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This literature review aims to view studies on ethical procedures of pharmaceutical marketing. Objective of the review is to find out whether prescribers are affected by marketing practices of drug companies. Focus of the review will be on detailing practices, cost of promotions and outlook of the industry. …
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