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Essay example - Case study on BMP DDB advertising company

Case study on BMP DDB advertising company Essay example
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Abstract The BMP DDB advertising company based in the United Kingdom conducted this research. The aim of this research was to establish how the buyers’ behaviour could be understood by living with the tribes. The company employed an ethnographic approach to develop the consumers’ patterns and behaviour…

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Case Study Base Report Introduction This report seeks to explore and show that consumer behaviour can only be understood by living with their behaviour. The research conducted by the BMP DDB advertising agency, established significant evidence relating the consumer behaviour and their purchasing patterns. To understand the consumer behaviour, ethnographic marketing research was employed to establish the consumer emotions, moods, patterns, responses and lifestyles. It is evident that the dynamics existing among the consumers and the market place is constantly taking new shapes, and the changes are so profound. Therefore, for one to stay abreast of the consumer desires, needs and expectations, ethnographic marketing research becomes a perfect methodology for generating the information, which can directly lead to an effective and efficient product creation, communication initiatives and product packaging. Ethnography, therefore, can be defined as the research carried out within the immediate context of a real world customer understanding. This type of marketing research fosters the knowledge of the consumers’ multifaceted environment through direct observation, social, cultural, and economical standpoints. ...
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