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Running head: COMPANY STRATEGY ANALYSIS: ADIDAS Company strategy analysis: Adidas Insert name Insert grade course Insert instructor’s name 20 June 2011 Company strategy analysis: Adidas Introduction Strategy refers to a unifying theme that gives coherence and direction to the actions and decisions of an individual or an organization.


It is a collective theme usually undertaken by the entire organization in relation to the daily activities undertaken within the organization, with respect to the fulfillment of the aspired present and future goals. Strategic analysis defines the techniques, frameworks, and the concepts that are used to effectively formulate and implement effective performance strategies within any given organization. Strategy analysis comprises of two fundamental components which are the analysis of the external environment (primary industry analysis), and the internal environment analysis (analysis of the firm’s resources and capabilities) (Grant, 2005, p.4) Adidas is a global sporting goods and marketing company that designs and produces a wide variety of sports footwear and apparel. The company was founded in 1948 by Adolf (Adi) Dassler. The company has been part of the world of sports, delivering state of-the-art sports footwear and accessories into the global markets. The company has officially formed partnership with many of the world’s biggest sports organizations such as the 2006 federation of international football association. In 1997, the company acquired the Salomon group, which was composed of the Salomon, TaylorMade, Mavic, and Bonfire brands and later changed its name to Adidas-Salomon AG (Wong, 2008, p.223). ...
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