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THE IMPACT OF FIRM RESOURCES AND HOST COUNTRY SPECIFIC FACTORS ON INTERNATIONAL ENTRY MODE STRATEGY Abstract Acknowledgements Table of Contents Abstract 2 Acknowledgements 3 Table of Contents 4 List of Figures 7 Chapter 1: Introduction 8 1.1. Background of the problem 9 1.2…

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18 2.7 The Angola Mode, an innovation in entry strategies 20 2.8 Synthesis of academic literature 22 Chapter 3: Research Methodology 23 3.2 Research design: The Conceptual Framework 24 3.3 Research variables 25 3.4 Target industry and companies 27 3.5 Gathering of Data 28 3.6 Data Analysis Plan 29 3.7 Limitations of the methodology 32 3.8 Chapter summary 34 Chapter 4: Data and Discussion 35 4.1 Overview 35 4.2 Company backgrounds of Burberry, Marks & Spencer, and Next 35 4.2.1 Burberry Group plc 35 4.2.2 Marks and Spencer, plc 36 4.2.3 Next plc 37 4.3 Data on firm-specific factors 38 4.3 Data on entry mode 39 4.4 Perception on host-country specific factors 40 4.5 The multiple regression model 44 Chapter 5: Conclusion 51 5.1 Findings of the study 51 5.2 Conclusion 52 5.3 Recommendations for future research 52 It is also recommended that future studies include qualitative data in the form of focused panel interviews, as it would be interesting to determine the comparative views of corporate strategists and policy-makers. Another perspective that has not been considered in this study has to do with public policy that determines the trade relations between countries. ...
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