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Name Professor Subject Date Analysis of Procter & Gamble Competitive strategy-William Procter, a candle maker, and James Gamble, a soap maker, founded this giant and Fortune 500 Corporation in 1837 (corporate profile, web). Procter and Gamble (P&G) is based in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Additionally, its strategy has been very effective worldwide that is exemplified by its 138,000 employees globally. And, at the same time, due to the worldwide demand for P&G’s services and products, its management is forced to devise such competitive strategy that ensures its sound global marketing strategy with innovation. However, it almost lost its market supremacy to competition in the mid 1980’s had it not been its unsound and aggressive play-to-win strategy (Davila, Epstein, & Shelton, 2006, p.73). After that period, the management of the company realized this fact and changed their competitive strategy. Rivals- stronger financial position both in the foreign and domestic market have left many of its rivals behind. As mentioned earlier, the company was declared as the 25th largest by revenue clearly provided its position in the U.S. market in comparison with its competitors such as Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly Clark, and Unilever. They are not only identified its main competitor in the U.S. market but also in the global market as well. However, the company has been successful in maintaining comparatively better financial position in the industry due to the fact that it has capability and ability to use the latest innovation in its products. ...
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