The Role of Promotion in Marketing

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The Role of Promotion in Marketing Forms of Advertisements Used By Starbucks and Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Brands Advertisement used by Starbucks and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee brands include the internet and the press. Since the launch of Starbucks back in 1982, it has used the US mail order catalogue and music CDs to make it popular among the people.


In the recent years, Starbucks has shifted its attention from brand advertising to product advertising. Starbucks used to advertise in an effective manner its coffee shops (Ries, 2011). The words used to advertise Starbucks coffee shops were “Starbucks Coffee”; however, the company has created a new logo and this has changed the old perceptions and created new ones concerning the company. The company is undergoing a considerable change and it is moving away from just being a coffee company to a beverage and food company (iMedia News Bureau, 2011). The social media is one place that Starbucks has ventured into extensively; in Twitter and Facebook, the company has 705,000 and 5,428,000 followers respectively (Noff, 2010). The Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is not an exception; the company is using the internet extensively to advertise its brand. Apart from getting the coffee from the stores, the customer can purchase the product online (Hamilton, 2006) through the many online advertisements such as (, 2011). The Most Appropriate Promotion Mix for Each Product Advertising as a promotional mix tool is appropriate for both companies. ...
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