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Huggies brand Pull-Ups - Research Paper Example

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Research Paper
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Huggies brand Pull-Ups Any organization’s survival as well as its successful growth mainly depends on the products it manufactures or assembles, or on the services it offers. Thus, the products and the services only provide the organization the avenue to reach the customers…

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Huggies brand Pull-Ups

A set of effective marketing strategies can be formulated if the organization or specifically the marketing department or team does a marketing research. Marketing research involves studying and analysing the ‘market’ in which the product or service is going to be sold, and it specifically involves studying the prospective customers, to whom the product or service is going to be sold, as well as other related aspects. As defined American Marketing Association (cited in Onkvisit and Shaw, 2008) “Marketing research is the systematic gathering, recording, and analysis of data about issues relating to marketing products and services.” In addition, its goal is to identify and analyze the factors that impacts customer behaviour. Thus, when a product including baby related products like Huggies Pull-Ups is to be sold to the customers, the marketing research will be done, and as the first process key data about the customers or market to be targeted will be gathered. Then, the gathered information can be analyzed and arranged with certain tools before being presented to the management or the marketing team to study and come up with apt marketing plan. So, this paper focusing on the product of Huggies Pull-Ups will discuss how the data about it can be gathered, analyzed and presented to the management or the marketing team. ...
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