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Football Blogs - Essay Example

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Student Professor Course 26 November 2011 Football Blogs A blog is something that can be used to do many things from a diary, writing important news articles, giving reviews of your favorite plays and movies, giving out recipes, etc. In all reality, a blog, short for weblog, is able to do anything that the imagination of the author has in store for it…

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Football Blogs

Generated Content The author is the one to usually generate the content of a weblog, or blog for short and simple terminology. All blogs have a home on the internet somewhere. That home could be your own website, e.g. But, your blog’s home could also be upon a free blogging site, such or Even though you have a site for your football blog and are ready to generate content, you still must have a working knowledge of the subject matter that you are writing. For example, if you want to write about your favorite Premier League Football Club your blog could be called the United Ones, Manchester U, Manchester FC, United Biggest Fan, etc. This would not necessarily be the name of your blog to which you would write stories, articles, interviews, game recaps, boxscores, matchup previews, etc. about Manchester United or your favorite Football Club. Generated content is the main thing that is on a blog. You do need to make sure that when generating the content that not only do you have the knowledge of the material that you are presenting, that you are accurate in your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. ...
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