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Essay example - AIDS is a Mass Murder

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“AIDS Is A Mass Murderer” Analyze the controversial Social Marketing campaign “AIDS is a mass murderer” The public health community is often required to intervene in the matters of regarding health conditions of individuals…

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This is how marketing is prone of understanding the health problems of people to address the behavioral aspect of it. Social marketing has been evolved into focusing entirely on benefiting the society. It pushes for non-profit based marketing. (MacFadyen, 2003).Social marketing itself ensures that the design, implementation and control of programs seek the acceptability of a social idea or any practice that is focused entirely on a specific target group. (Kotler P. a., 1975). Social marketing has been taken in the wrong context by some people and the confusion of understanding the purpose of it became a problem. (Dubinsky, 1985). Some expected gaining the benefit of products being sold while others looked as social marketing as a campaign that would boost the sales of their products in the long run. Just like commercial marketing, the usage of social marketing is to persuade people towards protecting themselves from health hazards and environmental hazards. (Weinreich). The product is not necessarily a physical product that is being offered to the public, but instead it could be a message to the public to help them understand the dangers of a health hazard. (Weinreich). The usage of the marketing mix may be useful in implementing an effective social marketing campaign. ...
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