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Essay example - How Virgin Atlantic Advertise itself in the UK and Los Angeles

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How Virgin Atlantic advertise itself in the UK and Los Angeles Table of Contents Brand advertising and promotion in the UK and Los Angeles 3 Brand product and service strategies in the UK and in Los Angeles 7 Brand pricing and strategies in the UK and in Los Angeles 8 Distribution strategies in the UK and in Los Angeles 9 Reference 9 Bibliography 12 Brand advertising and promotion in the UK and Los Angeles Advertising, according to the words of Kotler is the paid forms of promotion of goods, services and ideas using the media like newspapers, televisions, radio etc…

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For a large and successful organization like Virgin Atlantic, the company uses various modes of advertising depending on the location or place where it tries to target. The type of advertisements or promotional strategies used depends on the consideration of the cultural barriers, language, attitudes of people towards such factors like advertising, advertising regulations and media infrastructures. In Los Angeles, Virgin Atlantic mainly advertises through the radio, print advertisements and publications. The following figure shows some of the print advertisements used in USA by the company. Figure 1: Print Advertisements in USA (Source: Virgin Atlantic, “Print Advertisements”) The company has recently launched its second phase of its global advertising campaign in Los Angeles. This has been titled as ‘Get Local’. This campaign targeted the ‘out of home’ advertisements which included bill boards, train shelters, buses, etc that runs in the top gateways in the US. This primary includes Los Angeles along with New York, Washington D C, San Francisco and Boston. ...
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