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I. Summary of the reaction of the film “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” During the initial phase of the movie “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” I thought that Morgan Spulock cannot pull it off to convince big companies to be a part of his movie and really pay for it.


But Morgan Spurlock pulled it off. It was a very daring movie to actually document the entire process of getting company pay for a movie that will show how they invade our everyday lives that they literally assaults us from the day we wake up until we sleep. It was more daring when Spurlock actually asked for these companies to pay for the movie and show how they negotiated in the raw. The expected reaction of advertising firms was also documented in the raw when he negotiated or tried to up-sell the concept of his film. There in the negotiations, it was articulated the fear of the advertisers of the unknown that they did not want to be a part of the film that may put them in a bad light. Spurlock however was not discouraged by this initial failure. He went around asking people on how he could make companies to pay for his film. He eventually did when he initially struck an interim agreement with Ban deodorant that the company would be in if there are 15 other brands who would join him. Personally, my impression was it was a typical success story on how one will succeed if only he or she will try hard enough as what Spurlock did in the movie The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. In a way, the movie or documentary can be considered as a learning material. Very subtlely, marketing concepts such as as brand collateral was explained in a manner that will be very easy to understand. ...
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