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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Marketing Communication Activities Abstract Any new business that wishes to establish a huge customer base needs to have a marketing communication plan. Such as plan outlines the marketing communication activities that the business will need to be involved in so as to deliver effective marketing messages to the targeted potential customers.


Marketing communication activities are primarily aimed at building awareness of the existence of a business, its products, its services and its position. Such activities are done through advertising, trade show presentations, web sites, press releases, brochures and other public relations activities. This report will discuss the marketing communications activities for pre and post-launch aimed at optimizing food and beverage income for investors who are establishing a hotel. The report will also highlight the tools and approaches required for measuring the effectiveness of these marketing communication activities. Introduction The property at 45 Avenue de la Gare in Lausanne has been bought by the investment team that wishes to establish a hotel at the site. This report is a consultancy support paper that provides professional advice to the investment team on the marketing communication activities that it can be involved in so as to effectively deal with competition and market conditions within the Lausanne area. The new hotel that is being set up is aimed at providing affordable luxury which appeals to mobile warriors and is attractive to a local hip crowd. The hotel is intended to have comfortable beds, social spaces and a business pop-up space to be used for short term retail meetings and small seminars. ...
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