Developing Competitive Advantage

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Creating Competitive Advantage Name: Course Name Date Introduction There is a major transformation that is occurring in the way that firms relate with the customers. The digital economy has enabled the customers to have a lot of information on companies which allows them to make informed decisions.


In analyzing the information sharing, this paper will look at relevant examples so as to elaborate on the inherent need of information to both the customers and the firms. Discussion The supply chain becomes more efficient with the increased coordination of activities due to automation. Consequently, the need for inventories is reduced. Proctor and Gamble (P&G) is a company that has been operational in the world for a long time. The manufacturer has a relationship with the retailer Wal-Mart (Clark & Lee 2000, p. 126). The relationship between the two companies has to be analyzed from a transactional perspective as well as from an operational and strategic one. The two companies, apart from sharing information with each other have gone ahead to share the same information with their customers. This has stemmed from the need by the companies to involve their customers in the pricing of products as well as increasing the value of these products. The basis of the relationship between the companies and the customers is based on mutual trust. P&G and Wal-Mart are not only partners but also competitors. ...
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