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Sanitex Limited Case Background Sanitex Limited, a company offering pest control services is eventually a growing company in West London. Its estimated worth is ?500,000. Mr. Griffins, its CEO is ambitious to expand the company from West London. However, with substantial background in accounting rather than in marketing, Mr.


Furthermore, Sanitex is occasionally affected by seasonal fluctuation in the pest control business. That is why it needs to expand its product portfolio including carpet cleaning and distribution of sanitary products. However, Sanitex failed to attract potential new clients outside West London area due to its being a non-branded business. Clearly, Sanitex is faced with the issue of improving its entire business operation by augmenting its marketing activity in the pest control business. As marketing manager of Sanitex, the goal of the proponent is to steer the company forward, and be responsible for understanding how its decision making process and decision making unit have been impacted by the recession. Marketing research and competitor analysis Under the goal of Sanitex for product expansion is to actually create significant sales for the company even in tough economic conditions. However, there are two important issues concerning in this area. The first concern is to understand customer behaviour and next to it would be the prevailing value of the company created for its customers compared to its competitors. In other words, the company should create a remarkable strong company brand while taking into account the prevailing customer behaviour in the pest control business and the competitive advantage that its competitors are holding. ...
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