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Company: ASOS Introduction: Increasing awareness of the harmful implications of several of the products that we use in our daily lives has grown the concern for our environment over the past few years. With this increasing awareness, there has also been a dawn of realization that exploitation of the balance of nature is likely to result in dire consequences for mankind and hence, people are now more driven towards environmental concern (Eccleston, 2007).


kit, 2011). The product is targeted towardsa customer base that has concern for the environment, and wants to contribute to its wellbeing by reducing their eco/foot print impact etc. The product is also expected to do well in the market because of its uniqueness and the fact that no online retailer has done this before. The detailed marketing strategy of the product has been discussed as follows: Product Strategy: The reusable and recycled bags are to be made of both recycled cotton and plastic materials. The brand awareness of ASOS will be relied upon as one of the key competitive advantages. Along with that, the good relationships of the ASOS brand with the suppliers and the high purchasing power that it has will also serve as a plus for the awareness and promotion of these bags. Another key aspect that would greatly benefit the product would be that of first mover advantage as up till now no online retailer has come up with this sort of idea. The bags will be made available to the markets of the UK and Ireland only. These bags would be large in size so as to serve for accommodating things for multiple purposes (posting, usage etc.) and they would have the ASOS logo on them. ...
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