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Running head: MARKETING Marketing - A Research Proposal [Student Name] [Course Title] [Name of Instructor] [Date] Marketing Research Proposal Research Topic: Marketing 1) What am I going to focus on? This proposed study report will be focusing on marketing as one of the organizational functions that is solely performed to retain old customers and attract new ones, promotion of products or services, maintaining demand and supply chains, and it is often regarded as channel of communication between ultimate users and producers.


The objective of this research is to gain an understanding of marketing, core activities of marketing, and its effective usage. 2) What are the main debates in this area? This proposed research aims to focus on the concept of marketing, the main debates that exist in the marketing subject area such as manipulative marketing which attempts to hide flaws in the quality of a product, internationalization, and globalization affecting the scope of marketing, and the debate regarding principle of AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action) (AIDA, 2012) being universally applied to all markets, targeted audience perceives what is wants to or marketing makes them comprehend what organization actually wants them to. The research also seeks to evaluate the role of legislation and governments defining the boundaries of marketing. Also, the need of marketing, mediums that can be used as marketing sources, factors that affect marketing adversely or have positive impacts on it and the role marketing plays in flourishing a marketed item will also be studied in the research. ...
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