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Dissertation example - The aim of this project is to identify if Own-labels foods are of a lesser quality than recognised brands.

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The sustainability of own Labeled food Products Abstract In this research report the researcher has tried to analyse the brand image of the own label food products. For this purpose, the researcher has focused on the consumers perception about the quality of the own label food products and has compared the level of quality of branded food products with the own label food products…

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The researcher has concluded that the own label food products have been able to generate positive brand image in the market and customers are giving preference to this own label foods. Also, the researcher study concluded that the own label food products are gaining rapid popularity and there is growing perception among the consumers that these products are of high quality. Table of Contents The sustainability of own Labeled food Products 1 Abstract 1 Table of Contents 3 1. INTRODUCTION: 6 1.1. Overview: 6 1.2. Background of Research Study: 8 1.3. Rationale of the Research Study: 9 1.4. Significance of the Research Study: 10 1.5. Aims and objectives of the Research Study: 10 1.6. Summary: 11 2.1. Introduction: 12 2.2. Own Labels: 12 2.2.1. Objective of Retailers: 13 2.2.2. Evolution of Retailer Brands: 14 2.3. Brand Loyalty in Own Labels: 19 2.4. Brand Theory and Comprehension of Brand: 20 2.4.1. Attitude of Consumers towards Retailers Brand: 21 2.5. Consumer Behaviour: 21 2.7. Buyer’s Buying Behaviour: 26 2.8. Own Label vs. National Brands: Consumer reaction and Behaviour: 28 2.9. Factors that Affect the Purchase of Own Label Products: 29 2.9.1. Attitude of Consumers: 29 2.9.2. ...
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