The Song Pure Frozen Yogurt: A Comprehensive Marketing Plan

The Song Pure Frozen Yogurt: A Comprehensive Marketing Plan  Essay example
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THE SNOG PURE FROZEN YOGURT: A COMPREHENSIVE MARKETING PLAN Student’s name: Course Code: Professor’s name: Name of Institution: Date: Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 Executive Summary 2 Situation Analysis 3 Market Demography and Geography 3 Market Needs 4 Customer Profile 4 Competitive Offerings 4 Market Trends 5 Market trend Analysis 5 6 SWOT Analysis 6 Snog Pure Yogurt Company Swot Analysis 7 Marketing Research 9 The Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt Company Mission Statement 10 Market Objectives 10 Financial Objectives 10 Segmentation and target market 11 Snog Marketing Positioning 13 Marketing Mix 15 Snog Company Market positioning map 19 Financial analysis 20 Financial objectives 20 B


In addition to that, there are a number of multinational brands that are already successful such as the Oreo biscuit in the city of Shangai in China. To capture more customers, Snog Company has developed a way to fit into the Chinese market since the customers prefer less sugar content. Additionally, Snog company flavours have also been improved to attract more consumers. The success of Snog Company in China will be as a result of its change in the advertising and distribution pattern. In addition to that, advertising of the product will be significant in boosting its sales and creating new brands with varied tastes and flavours widely accepted in the Chinese market. Having its main competitors’ products concentrated in the city, Snog Company plans to market its products with university students. This is because; the younger generation have higher purchasing power than the older generation. Moreover, they will help market the Snog Company’s product among their peers and family members. ...
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