Attitudes of females on Online Shopping

Attitudes of females on Online Shopping Dissertation example
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Women’s Attitudes towards Online Shopping A Dissertation Name Course Title Name of Professor Date of SubmissionAbstract Consumer research literature is replete with empirical findings about consumer behaviour in traditional shopping contexts, but lacks systematic information about consumer behaviour in the online shopping environment, particularly, with regard to females’ attitudes toward online shopping.


The influence of these four variables on women’s store preference (whether traditional or online), intention to buy, and actual purchase is explored. The study uses a descriptive research design and questionnaire method to approach the research questions. The sample is non-probability, non-representative, and conveniently chosen. Thus, the major weaknesses of this study are concentrated on the nature of its sample and research methodology. Still, the researcher hopes that this study will somehow contribute to the existing knowledge about women’s attitudes towards online shopping. Table of Contents Chapter Title Page Number I. Introduction 4 Objective of the Study 5 Significance of the Study 6 Theoretical Framework 7 II. Review of Related Literature 10 Online Shopping 10 Gender and Online Shopping 16 Online Experience 18 Shopping Motivations 20 Shopping Orientation 22 Females’ Attitudes towards Online Shopping 24 III. Research Methodology 30 Research Design 30 Selection of Participants 31 Instrumentation 31 Research Questions 32 IV. Findings and Discussions 34 V. Recommendation and Conclusion 41 Bibliography Appendices Chapter I Introduction Women are traditionally responsible for household shopping. ...
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