Customers' attitude towards online banking services in the UK

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Customers’ attitude towards online banking services in the UK [Student Name] [Course title] [Supervisor Name] [Date] Acknowledgement: This research work has been one of the best experiences of my educational career and without the support of my parents, family, and most importantly my teachers, it would have been not possible for me to conduct this research therefore, I dedicate this work to my teachers and parent.


Therefore, this study aims to evaluate the factors that are responsible to make certain attitude of the consumers towards using internet banking services in the UK. This research considers two banking institutions: Lloyds Bank and Barclays Bank, and two non-banking financial institutions: Tesco and Virgin. All these institutes are UK based, and internet services provided by these institutes, studied to determine the attitude of the customers for their services. The approach selected to conduct this research is quantitative approach that is based on positivistic paradigm. The result revealed that the attitude of the customers of UK is positive towards the internet services provided by banking and non-banking institutions. ...
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