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Marketing Research Name Course Tutor Date of submission Marketing Research Introduction Marketing research involves the sharing of information between various stakeholders of a company. The information is normally important because it ensures that marketing opportunities as dwell as problems are identified both by the consumer and the marketer.


Research Question 1. Which opportunities are available to Skype in the Voice-Over-Internet Calls market? Skype is a company that can benefit from this the market research question. First, the company must identify the problem and opportunities affecting its marketing actions. This will enable Skype make appropriate decisions. An opportunity is a factor in the market that ensures that there are improvements in performance, or one that restores the previous state of activities. It is important to note that a problem is anything that affects the capability of a company to achieve their goals and objectives. Identifying the problem may involve assessing the explanation as to why the organization is not making profits as expected. In the market, a problem may be transformed into an opportunity. Further, an opportunity presents to the company a chance to make adjustments over their performance (Mohr, Sengupta & Slater, 2009). The first approach in dealing with the research question is to identify the problem or opportunity. However, before a problem is discovered, information must first be generated. ...
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