Counterfeiting and Pricing in China and UK

Counterfeiting and Pricing in China and UK Dissertation example
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Counterfeiting and Pricing in China and UK Name of the student Name of the course Name of the instructor Date Acknowledgement After completing this research work successfully I would like to pay my sincere thanks to my friends, and other family members who have always prayed for my success.


Abstract The form of consumer fraud is product counterfeiting in which product is sold claiming to be a product that it is not. The lack of regulatory capacity makes manufacturing of unauthorized products possible and products that are high in demand made on similar design and branded in a way that make them distinguished from original product. The counterfeit products sell in parallel markets or introduced in authorized supply chain. These products make extreme profits because of no overheads of licit products and this is the reason that these products are very price competitive. Counterfeit products in UK causing lower profits, lost sales, and brand trust affect legitimate businesses. In this study, customers’ perspective is investigated by conducting a qualitative study involving primary research comprising of a survey questionnaire. Responses were collected from 100 customers shopping in London. Findings suggest that China is the largest manufacturer of counterfeit products. Moreover, customers in the UK most buy counterfeit products because of their unawareness or inability to differentiate between genuine and counterfeited products. In addition, low saving and unaffordability of luxury items lead them to buy counterfeit products. ...
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