Role of Promotion in Retailing

Role of Promotion in Retailing Essay example
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Role of Promotion in Retailing Table of Contents Introduction 3 3 Promotional Strategies: Adidas for London Olympics 2012 4 Conclusion 8 Images of Adidas in Olympics 2012 9 10 11 References 13 Introduction Promotion of a product for a company is very essential to provide information regarding the product and its features.


The objective of the paper is to show the promotional strategies of Adidas that have been used by the company as a part of its initiatives within 2012 London Olympics as their promotion campaign. The paper also shows the role of promotion in retailing as well as the advantages of promotion and the line marketing of Adidas. Promotional Strategies: Adidas for London Olympics 2012 Promotion is one of the most essential tools in marketing of a product. The elements of promotion are advertising, personal selling, publicity, sales promotion and direct marketing. A company makes a promotional mix to identify the budget to conduct the promotion and to recognise the importance that is to be provided to the various elements of promotional mix. The objectives of the promotional plan include augmentation of sales, recognition of the new product, brand equity creation and corporate image creation among others (McGoldrick, 2002). ...
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