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RUNNING HEADER: Strategy and Marketing Strategy and Marketing BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE DATE HERE Strategy and Marketing Industry Sector Performance Industries that offer higher-priced goods and services seem to have the best performance, as they often sustain high volumes of credit purchases or sustain higher profit margins.


Economic conditions as well as lifestyle needs demand that consumers invest in their housing to ensure asset value growth and require adequate transportation and computer systems to facilitate effective and demanded lifestyle quality. Many of these industries do not require a strong market-oriented strategy, since the competitive environment does not mandate being ultra-sensitive to buyer needs (Walker & Mullins, 2011). Companies such as The Home Depot and Lowe’s offer rather standardized products that are in demand due to economic conditions and widespread consumer need for asset protection. In this oligopoly market structure where there are limited competitors, the business can avoid high costs associated with customer relationship management systems and other market-oriented models of doing business. The mid- and long-term factors of high performance are credit availability, limited competition in certain high-performing industries, pricing structures, and high consumer demand. No, it would be difficult to make the assumption that some industries are inherently more profitable than others. Some have operational models that consume a great deal of cash or credit that are not widely understood without examining annual reports or market studies on business strategy and growth. ...
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