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Research Paper example - Marketing Gilligan’s Backpacker Hotel

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Research Paper
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The report starts by an introduction that explains the basis of the research. In the introduction, a glance of the chosen company is given including an overview of the target market. The next section constitutes the customer analysis section, where the customers of the chosen organization are analyzed and segmented…

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Marketing refers to any process aimed at developing and implementing plans to anticipate, identify and satisfy the customer demands with the chief aim maximizing profit margins of an organization or business. Marketing research forms the arsenal of market analysis. This entails identifying the customer’s requirements, planning an appropriate marketing mix culminating into a good entry into the market.

Gilligan’s Backpacker Hotel is located in Australia. The hotel that operates the entertainment industry provides attraction to visitors from all over the world (global and local). Its strategic location makes it accessible by the visitors. This hotel is the leading youth hotel resort in Australia. There are not many aged individuals above the age of 55 years that frequent the place as there are the youths. The services are amazing including accommodation, fully conditioned hotel rooms with ensuite, and the traditional backpacker, from where it draws its name.

Additional services include free Wi-Fi, stunning Lagoon swimming pools, free transport from the airport, and free line provision among others (Ooi & Laing 2010). Entertainment facilities in the place include open deck bars, supporting events, plasma television, and outdoor pub screens (Crea, 2013). With all this in place the hotel is frequented by youths and adults aged below 55 years. ...
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